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Pupil reviews. 

Please feel free to read some of the comments received from our pupils

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An ongoing series of informational entries



Daren is not only a great teacher but a great guy too. He is very patient, offers really good advise and he helped me pass first time.



Thank you for giving me the confidence and self belief to actually start driving again after a few years out. You made me feel at ease behind the wheel and it was a pleasure being your student. 



I would just like to thank Daren for being a great driving instructor. I would definitely recommend Daren for future learners, I passed today and know I wouldn’t have passed if it wasn’t for a great instructor.



Learning with Diamond Driving School was fantastic, Daren ensured I was comfortable through his patient, supportive approach and answered any questions I had. It was an enjoyable experience helping me pass first time. 



I loved learning to drive with Daren, I was really nervous about learning to drive, but Daren was the perfect instructor for me. Calm, patient, great at explaining everything and brilliant company along the way. I’m so thrilled to have passed my driving test today with only one minor driving fault. I can’t thank Daren enough for all his help and support along the way. I’m looking forward to starting the pass plus course next week.



I wanted to say thank you ever so much for the amount of time you have put in to helping me pass my test. I really appreciate your patience and attention to detail with everything and am delighted that I chose to learn with you.



Daren was an amazing instructor, my fiancé and I both passed first time with Daren, definitely would recommend Diamond Driving School.



Learning to drive with Daren was a pleasure, he was always there to answer my questions and give reassurance, he made sure I was test ready so I passed first time. He helped build my confidence and was always brilliant at keeping my nerves down and stay calm. I highly recommend Daren for learning to drive. I couldn’t have passed 1st time without everything he taught me. Thank you so much. 



Daren is a highly competent instructor, and was able to get me to the required standard in a very short space of time. His car is great to drive. His style is friendly and very informative. He encourages and constructively criticises in equal measure, definitely worth my money.



You’re the best teacher ever! Very patient, professional, kind and it was great fun. Thank you so much for all your help.

Jack and Stanlee


Daren taught both my boys to drive and they both agreed he is one hell of a teacher. He’s patient, calm and the best there is. Thanks Daren for giving my boys the gift of freedom. 



I decided to use Diamond Driving School after many tests and struggling to pass. The service I received was excellent. The car was great to drive in and I learnt a lot of things that I never knew before. As well I finally passed my test within a matter of a few lessons. I would highly recommend using Diamond Driving. 



Daren is amazing!! He taught me everything I needed to pass and more. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Will honestly miss our weekly driving lessons. 



Daren is by far the best driving instructor for me, he has a perfect balance of being professional a nd fun at the same time. He teaches in an understandable way and explains all the driving theory very clearly. He is ever so patient and kind so the learning process is very easy and pleasant. The driving sessions have been a true pleasure and I will miss our lessons very much. On top of that I struggled greatly with nerves for the test, at first I couldn’t even imagine passing, but Daren believed in me, with his inexhaustible encouragement we got there in the end, if he can get me to pass he can get anyone through. I am very grateful for your support. Thank you very much Daren. 



Thank you Daren for being such a great instructor. I would recommend this driving school to anyone wishing to pass in good time and at a good price. My time and money was well spent.



I had a rollercoaster of a journey learning to drive around university but Daren managed to turn around a negative experience to a positive. He was able to improve my confidence as a driver within a short time frame. I would definitely recommend. And look forward to doing the pass plus with Daren in the future.

Anna H

March 2019

It was an absolute pleasure learning to drive with Daren. He is patient, kind and exceptionally dedicated to his work, which as an incredibly nervous driver helped me enormously to overcome my apprehension and fears about driving.

The lessons being 90 minutes long I found to be optimal when learning to do something as demanding as driving. It’s the perfect amount of time to practice without being too taxing on your concentration levels.

I felt at ease the very first lesson with Daren, and each session was extremely well prepared and outlined; I was always advancing and building confidence.

I couldn’t recommend Daren more, he is one of the most selfless and easy going people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His teaching methods excellent and he will always go above and beyond for his students!!A

Anna G 

March 2019

Thank you for everything. You’re the best teacher I could choose. Your patience, the translation of all manoeuvres and a nice atmosphere during the lessons helped a lot. I will always recommend you. Thank you. 

Rukku Nahar

April 2019

Thank you So much Daren, it’s been great learning from you. All the best, see you on the road. 


May 2019

Very good driving instructor, explains everything very well, highly recommend.


May 2019

I would like to say a big thank you to Daren for taking the time to teach me how to drive. Friendly and very patient driving instructor. Would highly recommend .


June 2019

Thank you so much Daren for the driving lessons and having the patience to help pass my driving test, you’ve been amazing. 


June 2019

Daren has been an amazing instructor. I would recommend him to anyone. He’s very patient and puts a lot of time and effort into teaching his pupils. I would like to say a massive thank you to him, this has opened up so many different opportunities for me. 


June 2019

I have really enjoyed my time learning with Diamond Driving School. Daren has helped me grow to become a confident driver and has always been positive about my driving abilities. I would highly recommend going with this driving school as I have always had quality lessons that were well worth the money. Daren made me more than  prepared for the test and made me feel comfortable on every lesson.


August 2019

Daren was always so calm, as an older, very nervous driver he helped put me at ease and made it possible for me to pass my test, something I never thought possible. I would recommend Daren to anyone wanting to learn. I’ve avoided doing the test for so long, but managed to pass first time after learning with Daren. Thank you for everything. 


December 2019

Diamond Driving School. ( Daren) was fantastic from start to finish. Lessons always started on time. They were consistent and well planned, lessons that worked with what I needed and wanted to do. Started my lessons and passed in under a year, so if you want fair, we’ll priced and an effective service, go with Daren. 


February 2020

I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor. Daren put me at ease from my very first lesson and helped me become a confident driver. 

Sophie and Jess.  

April 2021

Daren is a very sympathetic instructor.  Calm, efficient, always extremely reliable and a great communicator. He understands the parent/child dynamic well and manages disappointment very empathetically. I would recommend Diamond Driving School without any reservation. Thank you Daren.  Five stars. 


July 2021

Daren is a very sympathetic instructor.  Calm, efficient, always extremely reliable and a great communicator. He understands the parent/child dynamic well and manages disappointment very empathetically. I would recommend Diamond Driving School without any reservation. Thank you Daren.  Five stars. 


October 2021

Thank you for being an amazing teacher.  


November 2021

Daren’s a great instructor and very knowledgeable who makes you feel calm and relaxed in the car while teaching you everything you need to know to pass first time.  Great instructor, would recommend to anyone. 


January 2022

Daren is the best instructor I could have asked for. He is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, which allowed me to be relaxed when driving and become more confident. I always looked forward to my weekly driving lessons, knowing that in between them if I had a question I could contact him and he will get back, very reliable. Daren goes through all driving techniques and manoeuvers step-by-step allowing you to fully understand how to complete them safely and efficiently. I have enjoyed my time learning with Daren and both me and my brother who have passed first time with him would recommend him to anyone who is learning how to drive.


June 2022

Daren is such an amazing instructor. He was always patient and a great communicator. I really do appreciate all the help he gave me.  I definitely wouldn’t have been able to pass if it wasn’t for his calmness and encouraging words.  I would 100% recommend Diamond Driving School